From the archives: 2004-2007

Below you will find news items from the vaults of the old website, with some of the links updated and dead ones removed.

November 2007

The website’s up again, in case you hadn’t noticed. You can see for yourself at

So what’s the story? Nothing juicy, except that new juicy material is being written as we speak. It’s too early to give away any clues as to what sounds and concepts we will be tackling this time round, but once it’s finished, you won’t miss the jack-in-the-box.

February 2007

We can finally announce that we’ve found a new record label that’s avowedly mad enough to work with us – and there was much rejoicing. The miasma will be served hot by Germany-based Maddening Media. The label’s first feat will be the new album by the grotesques of Le Grand Guignol, fka Vindsval.

January 2007

A little on the late side, but finally here’s some updates from our camp. First of all, the band has sized down to a quintet again, as Marco de Groot (drums) has left the band. He joined us shortly after the recordings of “Camera Obscura” and performed a number of gigs with us, as can be witnessed in the website’s photo section. Last year, however, his personal situation had become increasingly taxing to the point where he could no longer commit himself fully to the band. On a sincere note, he made the move. We’ve greatly enjoyed playing with him and wish Marco the best of luck with his family and his further career. He hasn’t given up on the sticks yet, so no doubt there’ll be chances to see him live in action sometime in the future. [Update: he’s joined the ranks of Houwitser]

In any event, you haven’t seen the last of us. Without a drummer of flesh and blood, there won’t be any gigs anytime soon. That much is clear. We are, however, currently in the heavy process of working on the follow-up to “Camera Obscura”. Talking of which – if you still haven’t obtained “Camera Obscura”, be sure to shift your arse and e-mail your order to

The songs ‘Sirius Fever’ and ‘The Dancefloor Clinic’ from “Camera Obscura pt 2” are available for listening at our MySpace page.

April 2006

Some gigs have been added and hopefully some more will be confirmed real soon.
In the mean time we have worked out the conceptualization for the follow-up to “Camera Obscura”; all we need to do now is come up with some decent songs and record them, and our next album will be out before you know it! 😉

November 2005

… and back in the Netherlands we are after a great Portuguese adventure! Horns up for the guys and girls from the Epping Forest and Back to the Grave-squads. You rule!

Slowly but steadily more and more reviews are reaching us and we are completely blown away! “Camera Obscura” is without doubt our best-received album so far. Some examples? Here you go: Lords of Metal [dead link], Zware Metalen. Check the reviews section for more info!

October 2005

We’re all set for our small Portuguese mini-tour adventure “Lusitania Obscura”, 28-30 October. Together with the Portuguese symphonic black metallers of Epping Forest we will play 3 gigs in Guimaraes, Lisbon and Porto (see concert section). Epping Forest drummer Menthor will be handling the drums for us.

The promotional activities for “Camera Obscura” are going full speed ahead. The first reviews have been outstanding! A small example for those of you comprehending German Review on (Germany’s leading metal web zine)

September 2005

News flyer Camera Obscura

Ordo Draconis’ second full-length album “Camera Obscura” is now officially released by Opus Magnum Productions! The album, consisting of two separate CDs, can be ordered by clicking here; the price amounts € 10 per CD (inc. postage) and the CDs can be ordered separately. As an appetizer, we offer you some sound samples here.

August 2005

With great pleasure, we can finally say: “it is done!”; our best work yet has seen the light of day. The “Camera Obscura”-CDs have arrived and can thus be ordered!!! The official release is set for September.

July 2005

Copies of both “Camera Obscura” albums will reach us within the next week and will be available directly from us for € 10 per CD (including p & p).

New “Camera Obscura” T-shirts are being manufactured this very moment, this time with a print based on the CD-lay out. Shirts will be available from [dead link], and in limited quantities also directly from us.

A mini tour in Portugal is planned for autumn. Further details will follow.

Ordo Draconis have teamed up with Xenomorph and Katafalk for a live metal frenzy later this year. Clubs/venues interested in this package – get in touch!

April 2005

The mastering of “Camera Obscura” has been done and we are laying the final hand on the artwork. The time has come to share a small secret with you all. There are going to be two “Camera Obscura”’s. Part 1 “The Star Chamber Reviews” will be a conceptual album. Part 2 “A View with a Room” contains a set of not directly interrelated songs. Both albums clock out at little less than 40 minutes. As we have attempted from the very beginning to offer you quality for a reasonable price, we’ll do our very best to offer you both albums individually for a mini CD price! Bear with us just a little longer and expect TWO bizarre pieces of music!

March 2005

Ordo Draconis will be doing some gigs again: 22nd April we will play in Bibelot in Dordrecht with Cirith Gorgor and Onheil. On the 14th May we will do a gig in De Gonz in Gouda. The performance on the 23rd April in Veenendaal has been cancelled! About the new album… The final mixing has been done, so we’re basically finished.

December 2004

The first 30 minutes of ‘Camera Obscura’ are right here in our hands 🙂 All vocals are recorded now and a large part of the mixing has been done. The final and complete mixes are expected in a few weeks…

October 2004

Halfway November we will enter the studio in Karlsruhe once more to record the vocals and mix the new album Camera Obscura. We have found some very interesting people to participate in the vocal lines (let’s call them ‘mystery guests’ for now). Keep your eyes open, since we are getting close to the actual release now…

September 2004

Last weekend, finally the choir parts for our upcoming album Camera Obscura were recorded in the Plug Unit studio in Gouda; and what an amazing job the choir has done! Never before have metal and choir music been blended together so splendidly nor so divers – it has to be heard to be believed!

We’d like to thank all the guys and girls from the choir as well as our mobile magician of the mixing desk Patrick for their amazing job – it was a pleasure working together!

The last remaining hurdles to be taken before Camera Obscura will see the light are the recording of the vocals and the mixing of the album. Hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to share our newborn with you all.

July 2004

New longsleeves have been printed! You can view pictures of the front and back. Available in L and XL. Only a very limited number of these exist, so be fast or be sorry! The price is 20 euros / $27 postpaid. E-mail us for details and orders.

June 2004

All instruments for the upcoming album ‘Camera Obscura’ have been recorded. At the end of August the choir will sing their parts and in September we will add the vocals. Hopefully the album will available at the end of the year. Meanwhile we are working on new songs and will do some gigs in the near future.