The short version

Origin: in and around the city of Gouda (The Netherlands), but throughout the years the band has slowly expanded into an international group of characters. Style-indication: Post-Black Metal (if you insist on picking a current label).


1996Founding of the band.
1997Line-up: Moloch (vocals/bass), Rahab (guitar), 1337_Misanthrope (guitar), Arco (drums), and Mir-h iD (synthesizers).
1997When the Cycle Ends demo-tape (c. 25 min.), polished rehearsal tape, widely reviewed, sold out at 1234 copies.
1997-9Live performances with Ancient Rites, Within Temptation, Ancient, Liar Golgotha, etc.
1999In Speculis Noctis demo-MCD (c. 28 min.), recorded at the Excess Studios, reviewed in every magazine of importance, sold nearly 1500 copies.
2000The Wing & the Burden CD (c. 50 min.), recorded at Excess Studios (Sinister, After Forever, etc.), released July 2001, reviewed in every magazine of importance. Label: Skaldic Art Productions (Obsidian Gate, Vindsval, Furthest Shore, etc.).
2001BM teams up as bass player.
2002Moloch and Arco call it quits; Tyrann (also in Vindsval) steps up to the mic.
2004Drummer Marco (ex-Altar) is added to the line-up.
2004Line-up: Tyrann (vocals), Rahab (guitar), 1337_Misanthrope (guitar), BM (bass), Marco (drums) and Mir-h iD (keyboards).
2005Camera Obscura pt 1: The Star Chamber Reviews CD and Camera Obscura pt 2: A View with a Room CD, recorded at Tidalwave Studios (Falkenbach, Secrets of the Moon, etc.). Label: Opus Magnum Productions.
2006Marco leaves.
2007Deal with Maddening Media

The long version

The dragon figures as a major allegorical symbol at various stages of the alchemical process. It is a caveat to ward off the reckless, but some are willing enough to burn their fingers and touch what it really embodies – the infinite potentiality of chaos and darkness, and the divine inspiration which animates anorganic matter. It’s this which lies at the heart of the ambivalent code-name under which order was created: Ordo Draconis, ‘The Order of the Dragon’.

The band’s audacity to cast baser metals into new substances and shapes has not made it easier to pigeonhole their sound. Think post-black metal, synth-flavoured but not ‘symphonic’, intricate but not tech for the sake of it. Add to that a good sense of dynamics, atmosphere with attitude, violent grace, coruscating melodies, caustic vocals, a touch of classical composition, and an unhealthy dose of character. All with an ear for detail and an eye for scope.

The band got started in 1996, and some months later the line-up had come to consist of Moloch (vocals), Rahab (guitar), Bob (guitar/bass), Arco (drums) and Mir-h iD (synths). The band soon set themselves to work on “When the Cycle Ends” (1997, tape). This was a rehearsal recording, but with a little polish it more than qualified to see the light of day as the band’s first demo. To be sure, the tape was met by an overwhelming response, and has now sold out at 1234 copies.

Their next demo, In Speculis Noctis (1999, MCD) was in many ways a leap forwards and saw the band more confident and daring than before. This time round, the recording took place in the excellent Excess Studios (Sinister, After Forever, etc.). The demo was widely acclaimed throughout the underground, and soon aroused the interest of the fledgling Skaldic Art Productions. A deal was inked in early 2000.

Later that year the band reentered the Excess Studios to record The Wing & the Burden (CD), the first official entry in their criminal record. Released the following year (2001), the album was praised for its refreshing approach and evocative appeal.

Changes were ahead. While BM (bass) joined the band in 2001, Moloch and Arco called it quits in 2002. Singer/stage-presence Tyrann (also in Vindsval) replaced Moloch the same year, but to the public eye the band appeared to have slipped into hibernation.

In the meantime, however, Ordo Draconis was preparing their most ambitious work to date. In fact, two albums were in the making, known by the collective title Camera Obscura. The gentlemen entered the Tidalwave Studios (Falkenbach, Secrets of the Moon, etc.), with Patrick Damiani as their sound navigator. None other than Moritz Neuner (Atrocity, ex-Abigor, ex-Dornenreich, etc.) filled in at the drum stool. All tracks for instruments were laid down in 2003, while vocals, including an entire choir and several guest appearances, were recorded a year hence. Opus Magnum Productions was on the job and signed the band.

With the release of both albums, the conceptual Camera Obscura pt 1: The Star Chamber Reviews and Camera Obscura pt 2: A View with a Room (2005, CDs), the band has managed to surpass themselves once again and carve out a niche which is unmistakably their own. In 2004, Marco (drums, ex-Altar) came on board to complete the line-up, enabling the band to perform the magic of Camera Obscura live, but left in 2006. A year later, the band contracted with Maddening Media, a label run by a familiar face.